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About the Designer

I'm Ness Delacroix. I'm also known under the moniker uberchain. I am a visual & media designer from Canada, as well as a 3D animator & render artist, with a post-secondary diploma certification in Graphic Communications and Print Media.

I am well-versed in programs such as Adobe Photoshop, which I have a ACA Visual Certification in, as well as Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, and Valve's Source Filmmaker. I've also received a silver medal and a safety award in the WorldSkills 2012 Canadian Provincials for Graphic Design. My work experience has included commissions for organizations such as PC Gamer, CEVO Inc., and Blizzard Entertainment. I am also currently the VP of Marketing for Ascent Esports.

My interests include machinima, illustration, video games, animation, esports, photography, and Photoshop battles. You can reach me on my Twitter DMs @uberchain or my Discord tag, uberchain#2385.

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